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Continue to innovate and forge ahead. Congratulations on electronic R & D winning the third prize of "innovation achievements of the 7th Wuhu employee technology innovation competition in 2019"


The company organizes and guides the majority of employees to participate in skills improvement, innovation and efficiency creation activities. While creating achievements for the company, it also actively participates in relevant technological innovation activities organized by the city and district. In 2019, the company organized members of electronic R & D innovation group to participate in the "seventh Wuhu employee technology innovation competition", and the project "intelligent control of four door independent speed control anti pinch ECU" won the third prize of technological innovation achievement.

The project adopts the latest software and hardware design, which avoids the problems of the traditional four door independent anti pinch ECU, such as roof piercing sound, soft stop leakage, door deformation, etc., and effectively improves the overall feeling of passengers on the vehicle quality. The successful development of the project has enhanced another core competitiveness of our company, broken the situation that four door independent speed control anti pinch ECU has always been the exclusive configuration of high-end vehicles, and broke the technical monopoly of foreign suppliers on the four door independent speed control anti pinch ECU.

The award of the honor marks the affirmation of our company's electronic R & D innovation achievements and our spirit of "continuous innovation, pioneering and enterprising". In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the road of innovation, and encourage the company to make greater contributions to new technology reserves and new product research and development.