Research Team

Technological innovation is the inexhaustible power of enterprise progress! The company always takes scientific and technological innovation as the foundation of enterprise development, and strives to design and develop safe, novel, advanced and energy-saving auto parts for customers, so as to meet the needs of customers with excellent products and high-quality services. The company has a professional product R & D and design team, and has accumulated and mastered a complete set of international general automotive and parts production process design and development, sample production, assembly line production, project management, experimental specifications, quality control standards and other full range of experience and ideas. The company's core personnel have participated in and led the whole process of design verification mass production of important parts in more than ten vehicle platforms that have been mass produced or are under development, including Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Nissan, Honda, Ford, and Chrysler. Since its establishment for more than ten years, the company has accumulated rich experience in R & D, production and sales of auto parts, as well as the construction experience of auto parts system centering on automobile skylight and lifter.

After more than 10 years of development, the company is becoming a leading enterprise in China's automobile skylight and window regulator. There are 65 R & D personnel in the technical team, including 4 core members with years of experience in development and project management of multinational peers, 3 senior engineers with years of working experience, and 32 backbone members with experience in developing various sports mechanism assemblies. There are 13 senior technicians in the technical center of the company, including 6 doctors of external technical consultants and 1 senior engineer. The senior engineer is also a director of the company. The technology center has been equipped with 65 engineering computers and workstations, with CATIA entity design, curved surface modeling, assembly design three-dimensional design ability and motion analysis ability. The technology comes from Canadian Magna group Intier / windomotion company. After years of digestion and innovation, the team has the design ability of product life cycle.