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Educational activities with the theme of "never forget the original intention and remember the mission"


To inherit the tradition and remember the martyrs. On the afternoon of September 25, 2019, the Party branch of Wuhu mosentec Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. visited Wuhu martyrs cemetery under the leadership of the branch secretary.

The Party branch and his party first visited the martyrs memorial hall in the martyrs' cemetery. Through display boards and objects, the memorial hall focuses on the deeds of Wuhu martyrs who died in Wuhu and other places from the founding of the party to the founding of new China. Under the guidance of the commentator, we learned about the heroic deeds of the Anti Japanese heroes, and made us deeply realize that for the victory of the Chinese revolution, countless revolutionary martyrs have gone forward and sacrificed bravely. Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China.

After visiting the memorial hall of the martyrs, under the leadership of the Secretary of the Party branch, we came to the monument of revolutionary martyrs. With a heavy and grateful heart, our comrades bowed to the revolutionary martyrs. Under the monument, the Secretary of the Party branch said to us: our present happy life is hard won. In the revolutionary era, it is difficult to guarantee food and clothing every day. But it is in such a bad environment that the martyrs can always cherish the motherland and never forget to serve the motherland. It is really admirable. Perhaps personal strength is small, but this patriotic spirit, this patriotic quality, shocked every Chinese with conscience. We are proud of them, proud of them. Without their heroic fighting, we would not have a happy life today. Seeing the heroic images of the soldiers, we really feel the heroic spirit of the revolutionary martyrs and deeply experience the hard won life today. We should continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of the proletarian revolution of the older generation, work diligently and forge ahead bravely in life. Although each of us is insignificant in our society and our ability is limited, we can try our best to build our motherland better. We should play our own role, do our own work well, and contribute to social construction.

After visiting the martyrs' cemetery, we deeply feel that although we live in the contemporary peaceful environment, we must not forget history. Only by not forgetting our original intention can we comfort history and our ancestors! Party members should always keep in mind the identity of Party members, never forget their original intention, keep in mind their mission, firmly follow the pace of their predecessors and bravely shoulder the great responsibility of the times.