development history

2017.08 into the mass system, a FAW-Volkswagen supplier;

2017.07 Reaffirm the high and new technology enterprises;

2017.06 Obtain the outstanding patent award of Anhui Province;

2017.02 won the SAIC-GM Wuling Supplier Excellence Award;

2016.12 We drafted the draft standard for the automobile electric sliding door system, and the national standard has been approved by the national standard;

2016.11 Become a Geely car skylight supplier;

2016.08 new three board officially listed, stock code: 837904;

2015.12 renamed Wuhu Mosen Tektronix Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.;

2015.10 Beiqi shares, Beiqi Futian suppliers;

2015.09 Become a Geely automobile supplier;

2015.09 was named "Anhui special fine new small and medium enterprises" title;

2015.07 company through the environmental system 14000 certification standards;

2014.12 was identified as "Anhui Province Intelligent Vehicle Skylight Engineering Technology Research Center";

2014.11 was identified as "innovative pilot enterprises in Anhui Province";

2014.07 Our chief editor "automobile electric skylight assembly" national standard, number GB/T 3003F-2013 formally implemented;

2014.06 Set up Liuzhou morstak Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. and put into operation;

2013.01 successfully entered the Jiangling Ford car supplier system, into the Ford global procurement system; 2012.09 successfully entered the Guangzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. supplier system;

2013.01 Set up the Ordos branch and put into operation;

2012.02 successfully became SAIC GM Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. riser suppliers; 2011.11 was identified as "Anhui provincial enterprise technology center";

2011.09 through the Dongfeng Yulon Automobile Co., Ltd. PSA audit, a system supplier; 2010.10 began to get involved in new energy automotive electronics projects;

2010.09 Become a skylight supplier of Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co., Ltd.;

2008.11 was identified as "high-tech enterprises";

2006.10 become Dongfeng passenger car company skylight supplier;

2004.10 Become a supplier of skylight and glass lifter for Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.;

2004.09 was established in Wuhu Economic and Technological Development Zone;